Our food chains

More followed, more controlled, more genuine

All the supply chains have the purpose of enhancing the Italian product, distinguishing high quality products from others, this thanks to the intervention of the company that offers the farmer the correct production address according to the geographical area of production, based on the characteristics pedo-climatic conditions in which it finds itself operating and cultivating.

Following a product, step by step, in every moment from its creation to distribution means knowing everything about what we eat. The Tulli Cereal Culture Group has always collaborated and agreed with all the players in the supply chain, from research laboratories to industries to farmers, to be able to guarantee its customers the maximum transparency of its product. All those who participate in supply chain projects benefit greatly from being part of this production system: maximum sharing, guaranteeing compliance with hygiene-health parameters, identifying each participant, promptness in the event of critical issues, and greater possibilities to obtain quality certifications and new prospects for collaboration..

Furthermore, the advantages of the supply chain involve the final consumer since knowing perfectly every production step means having a final product that is always traceable, controlled and guaranteed. According to these principles, Tulli Cereal Culture has created four food supply chains: the wheat and durum wheat supply chain, the soft biscuit chain, the organic supply chain and the tomato supply chain for industries.

To become part of one of our supply chains it is imperative to follow the protocols for Certified Cultivation.

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1. Analysis and selection of genetics

A product of our food chains is born after a careful cross between the various qualities of Italian seeds.

Constant qualitative analyzes make it possible to identify the best structural combination in terms of organoleptic qualities, market demand, efficiency in the use of water and nitrogen, resistance to pathogens, qualitative characteristics of the main components of the seed and physiological characteristics of the plant.

2. Selection and control of the seed

A product of our supply chains is controlled seed by seed.

By selecting and separating, the species is improved by offering guarantees and certainties about the harvest. Finally, the machinery used allows us to monitor and calibrate the treatments for the seeds, keeping their qualities intact.

3. Selection and control of the land

The products of our supply chains grow only in the best soils.

A team of highly specialized agronomists performs sampling, analyzes in advance and selects the sowing land according to the needs of the seed. This allows us to offer guarantees on the harvest, on the limitation of the use of pesticides or interventions after sowing, and that the final result is a product with remarkable organoleptic qualities.

4. Sowing control

A product of our supply chains always finds the right position.

The preparation of the seedbed is a delicate phase that influences most of the cultivation cycle: thanks to numerous studies carried out, tailor-made procedures have been created that guarantee greater seed germination, reducing the cultivation time and maximizing the yield potential of the harvest.

5. Growth control

A product from our supply chains is never left alone.

Constant checks, inspections, samplings and analyzes, immediate interventions in case of emergencies, all carried out according to the Cultivation Protocol: they are details that make the difference in every aspect. Experts constantly work with farmers to always get the best, intervening as little as possible in the natural cycle of the product.

6. Collection control

A product from our supply chains is not collected but “accepted”.

Laboratory analysis and careful observation allow to choose the most appropriate moment for the collection of the product, guaranteeing such high quality, with a minimum presence of mycotoxins. This allows to deliver to the storage experts, a product that must not be subjected to excessive processing and, therefore, healthier and more genuine.

7. Storage control

A product of our supply chains rests before being worked.

After defining the lots, the incoming products are stored according to their organoleptic characteristics and all the analyzes necessary to establish their destination and their ideal maintenance are performed.

8. Analysis of manufacturing companies

A product of our supply chains arrives only in the best companies.

To acquire the quality mark of our food chains it is necessary that the manufacturing company proves to respect the production parameters imposed by the regulation. The commission decides on the compatibility of the brand with the product placed on the market to avoid discrepancies and give the best guarantees of safety, quality and genuineness that Made in Italy guarantees.

9. Processing control

A product of our supply chains always and only gives the best of itself.

We select the best companies for the processing of raw materials, based on the highest standards of hygiene, safety and operation; we carry out constant and rigorous checks to ensure that the output product maintains the same organoleptic characteristics as the incoming one. This phase is essential to protect the final consumer.
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