High-quality Organic Terrae

our “deal with the earth”


Organic farming, in addition to producing food without plant protection residues of chemical origin, helps to preserve the planet through soil health, lower groundwater contamination and soil sustenance. This is the present and the future Cereal and, for this, the organic chain Aurum Terrae Bio has been created.

Tulli Cereal Culture considers the focus on the organic marketto be of fundamental importance, not only for market trends, but above all for the vision it has of the whole agricultural sector: this vision is based on the fundamental rules for organic production. A product that comes from the Aurum Terrae Bio supply chain is created thanks to completely natural techniques: from the choice of soil, to the cultivation to the processing, supporting all the naturalness of the product, without chemical interventions, respecting European environmental and parameters that regulate organic products.

Our certifications

Aurum Terrae Bio is a project born for wheat produced with residue 0 of pesticides, therefore free of pesticides and totally sustainable suitable for the organic food sector. It is a growing supply chain and, thanks to this success, it is expanding to other products as well.

The entire supply chain enhances the totally natural aspect of the farmer’s work and integrates the principles of eco-sustainability with the ethical and social ones.

The Bio supply chain is not only a procedure, but a real “pact with the land” where respect for nature and people through soil care and work in the fields, becomes a real quality fruit that has the brand Aurum Terrae Bio.


Our production chains: more followed, more controlled, more genuine.

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