In each product there is a bit of Tulli,

and every product has its own cereal!


Each biscuit has its own flour, however the most used is the soft wheat flour. To have the best result it must show a pressure / extension ratio (P / L) between 0.3-0.4 and a force or tenacity (W) between 90-160, so it is therefore also called “weak” flour. The same type of flour is used for wafers and biscuits.


Pugliese, French, Ciabatta and Ferrarese type breads are produced with soft wheat flour of “medium strength” (160 >W & lt; 250), while for Baguette, Rosette and Biove we need soft wheat flour called “by force ”With W index between 250-310. Sometimes durum wheat semolina (eg from Altamura) is used for bread making.


To make dry pasta, only durum wheat semolina is needed, the mixture of which is dried, rolled and drawn in bronze. For fresh pasta, even small percentages of soft wheat flour in the dough are allowed. To date, pasta with flours of various kinds such as buckwheat, spelled, rice and barley are also widely used.


Milk (officially called “soya-based drink”) and soya cheese are very important for the diet of those with lactose intolerance and celiac disease, however they have also entered the daily diet forcefully thanks to their nutritional properties, due to the presence of vegetable proteins and for the modest caloric value compared to dairy products of animal origin.


Traditional preparation of northern Italy, polenta is an ancient dish prepared with different flours although the most used and loved one, with its characteristic yellow color, is corn flour.


The most famous and replicated gastronomic dish of Italian cuisine in the world is obtained with a mixture of soft wheat flour with different grinding, average “tough” and “strong”; nowadays it is possible to find various local traditions that include doughs also with kamut flour, barley, rye, buckwheat, oats, soy and rice.

Sour dough pasta

For the classics of the festivities like pandoro, panettone, colomba but also for brioches and croissants of our breakfasts, we need soft wheat flour “of strength” for long fermentation dough.

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