About Us

Tulli means cereal, always

We work every day to help the food industries translate the needs of consumers into production needs for farmers, providing them with all the raw materials necessary for the realization of an Italian product, quality and sustainable.

To obtain a qualitatively unimpeachable product, it is necessary to follow each stage directly: according to this principle of direct control and complete support, Tulli Ceral Culture is born, a consolidated group in the cereal sector that covers every phase from seed to delivery to food companies.

The Group’s corporate policies have always been about working closely with companies and with farmers themselves.

logo Tulli Cereal Culture
Tulli Cereal Culture was born in the 30s from the intuition of its founders, Clarice D’Eustacchio and Dionino Tulli, and specializes in the trade of cereals and legumes. Thanks to the commitment of Nino Tulli, grandson of the founder, in 1984 Cereal began its journey of international growth, establishing itself on the European territory, acquiring internationally renowned clients and consolidating partnerships with reliable historical suppliers. Over the last 20 years, Cereal has consistently supported Italian farms in the production of "high quality durum wheat" by supplying them with selected seeds and assistance in all the agronomic phases, from plowing to harvesting, in order to guarantee traceability final products. Continue reading
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