Tulli Cereal Culture

The experience cultivated over the years bears good fruit

Tulli Cereal Culture was born in the 30s from the intuition of its founders, Clarice D’Eustacchio and Dionino Tulli, and specializes in the trade of cereals and legumes. Thanks to the commitment of Nino Tulli, grandson of the founder, in 1984 Cereal began its journey of international growth, establishing itself on the European territory, acquiring internationally renowned clients and consolidating partnerships with reliable historical suppliers. Over the last 20 years, Cereal has consistently supported Italian farms in the production of "high quality durum wheat" by supplying them with selected seeds and assistance in all the agronomic phases, from plowing to harvesting, in order to guarantee traceability final products.

The Principles

The well-being of the end consumer is the principle that regulates and determines all corporate actions. In recent years Cereal has expanded and strengthened international trade thanks to the firm principles of quality, traceability, reliability and high quality of the product, expressly defined in the supply contracts. The company investments and the best conditions of offer from the qualitative point of view have made known the company that has expanded and consolidated the markets throughout Europe with particular success in the Central one.

Operating modes

For over 20 years, the company’s core business has been the trade in high quality durum wheat for Italian pasta factories, as well as the distribution of food and livestock products. The conservation of these cereals involves care, attention, and must guarantee non-contamination by external agents in order to maintain the same qualitative characteristics that the product presents when entering. Storage is therefore a fundamental part of the production chain and, thanks to Cereal’s experience, the raw materials maintain their organoleptic properties, waiting to be transformed.
The strength of the company is its complete management system oriented to the cereal supply chain, from sowing to storage and preservation to sale: this has allowed Cereal to acquire a consistent number of collaborations with the most important seed companies and consolidate lasting business relationships with internationally renowned food companies.
The system provides:

  • identification of the best land based on the specificity of the seed and direct control of production;
  • identification of more effective interventions to reach the seasonal objective, to produce the best quality at the lowest cost;
  • testing of new seed / soil interactions;
  • creation of supply chain projects, with dedicated and sustainable production lines;
  • creation of the best storage conditions for the product and storage at the Cereal centers;
  • control and classification of the product based on strict parameters of health, hygiene and quality in full compliance with the Self-control with HACCP methodology.

From the selection of the land to delivery to customers, in particular pasta factories, mills and feed mills, the company always guarantees a product capable of satisfying the consumer’s needs both from a hygienic and qualitative point of view.

The business pluses

In order to always be at the forefront of products, the company has created the consumption research observatory which, working in synergy with the research and development department, analyzes the possibilities that the market could offer in the future while avoiding waste, proposing new eco-sustainable solutions and anticipating market demands.

Environmental and economic sustainability is one of the main objectives of the company which, for this reason, makes use of collaborations with foreign and Italian universities, as well as multinationals in the sector, which thanks to research are able to suggest production disciplinaries able to optimize the farmer’s income in full respect of the environment.

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