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Aurum Terrae Pomodoro is a supply chain project launched by the Tulli Cereal Culture group that covers tomato from Italian industry 100. This project involves participation in the supply chain according to the principle of optimization, and therefore less waste, for the production of tomato from high-quality industry created, grown and worked with advanced technologies and according to strict parameters Security.

The guarantee of the totally Italian product,from seed to processing, is combined with that of the sustainability of the crop: farmers who adhere to the Aurum Terrae lines have the opportunity to grow a crop that, at the agronomic level, goes well with the crop rotations of wheat. This allows to vary the crops with all the relative advantages: preparation of the soil and therefore increased fertility, less need for agropharmaceuticals, increased productivity, support of biodiversity.

Aurum Terrae Pomodoro is not a simple supply chain to guarantee quality and food safety, but it is also the starting point for the differentiation of the crop and, therefore, a new way, sustainable, fruitful and intelligent, to invest on production lines for those who already deal with wheat.

Italy produces around 5 million tonnes of tomato for industrial processing
approximately 68,000 hectares of farmland.
60 of the production is exported to Germany, GB, France, Scandinavia with an increase to the markets of the USA, East and Africa
Italy ranks third in world production behind the US and China.

Tomato-wheat crop rotation is among the best in terms of land resource use, crop diversification and field pathogen control, with both economic and environmental sustainability.

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