Aurum terrae high quality soft and hard wheat

The high quality guaranteed for the king of the table


Wheat, precious and vital, is an indispensable food for most dietary preparations. The health of consumers depends on its wholesomeness and greater attention and rigidity in production standards, allow an improvement in the quality of life. This is why Aurum Terrae was born, the durum and tender wheat chain that involves all those involved in the production and processing of soft wheat and durum wheat.

A necessary condition to become a link in the Aurum Terrae supply chain is the sharing of the Management Protocol based on the principles of health, safety, quality, advanced technology and constant control.

The Aurum Terrae supply chain stands out in Aurum Terrae GRANO TENERO and Aurum Terrae DURUM WHEAT.

The one concerning the GRAIN TENERO goes to cover a compartment of high quality soft wheat. The destination of this grain, or rather this mixture of grains, is destined to the mill for the production of a high quality flour with characteristics of W (tenacity of the flour) between 300 and 400 and a protein content higher than 14%. Thanks to this project, a supply of high or very high quality wheat is produced for the production of panettone, brioches, various confectionery products and above all pizza flour.

Aurum Terrae DURUM WHEAT follows the same principles of the soft wheat supply chain, creating a very high and very high quality durum wheat with indices of yellow between 25 and 27, a gluten higher than 85%, a vitreousness of the caryopsis greater than 90% and , consequently, a higher protein here too at 14%. Grain health can be certified and its production is totally sustainable. Grain health can be certified and its production is totally sustainable.


Our production chains: more followed, more controlled, more genuine.

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